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48 year old male in a rollover ejection accident in 2006.

My Story

2006, Nov. I was involved in a rollover accident in which I was ejected from the vehicle through the sunroof. traveling in the same direction the truck spun over the top of me and slid across the street at which I bounced back into the sunroof with my head finally resting at the pedals and the occupant and my passenger seat standing on my shoulders. crushed lower back l5-s1, broken neck facet at c4-5&6, deep lacerations to hands 2" hole through R wrist & face R eye socket from end 2 end below the eye brow. 2006 - 20011 various plastic surgeries x-rays many many x-rays.., and many many many epidurals, several periods of pt, drugs (NOTE: Please notice that I did not use the word medications this is a post-surgical choice and I'm always open for discussion about this topic. I DO NOT CONDONE CONDEMNING THOSE WHO NEED the medications and which they are PRESCRIBED) currently 100% drug free since June of 2017, prescriptions: neurontin, amitriptyline, hydrocodone nervous, Soma. elavil, Norco, etodolac, believe it or not Ritalin, and I'm certain there's a couple I'm forgetting however both marijuana and methamphetamine had been used to self diagnose. 2010, Feb MRI followed by a CT scan with contrast. 2010, Jul. discogram at l3 4 5 and sacrum. 2010 Jul - Nov.: non surgical decompression techniques 2010 Nov. total disc replacement surgery at l5 s1 (blind clinical trial. study patients received the Edisclap active-L, the control group The prominent and available standard replacement at that time Prodisc) 2011 Jan- Jun. : physical therapy that included kinesiology, leading into Pilates, leading into aerobic style yoga. 2011 Nov. spinal cord stimulator implant for pain due to severe denervation of right leg 2012 Jan. current: no new surgeries or otherwise low-back incidences. leg pain and fatigue are gone at 80 to 90% permanent and stable. May 2020: ambulatory hospitalized for what was thought to be an aneurysm has now been diagnosed as complications due to the fractures at c-4-5 my appointment with an orthopedic surgeon has been made and I look forward to many years being relatively pain-free once this process has concluded. in five short years I'll have been dealing with chronic pain for 30. the first 19 I lived with, in my opinion stupidly. I don't like giving recommendations and I do not like giving advice, however if one were to ask I would tell them to follow the recommendations of the most qualified doctor they are absolutely comfortable with. if you are here you are most likely in pain or have been in pain I am open for discussion on any topic however I will really only speak matter-of-factly to that which I have experienced the rest I will have to give anecdotal third-party stories (specifically relating),that I have heard in the last 25 years. the reason I put specifically relating is no two people experience the same injury exactly the same way however similar. there is almost no way to discuss a topic at which you have not experienced and come from a place of wisdom or authority. therefore if I have not experienced what you've experienced you'll get an anecdotal story that I hope helps. my best, James