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  • Have you ever wondered why your osteoarthritis symptoms feel worse when it gets cold outside? We tell you why that may happen and how it affects your back pain.

  • Cervical arthritis affects the cervical spine (neck) and is a common condition that can worsen with age. Learn more about this condition and how it's treated.

  • The TOPS facet arthroplasty device, a facet joint replacement device, is in clinical trial. It offers motion-preserving treatment in the lower spine.

  • How To Know if Your Disc is Herniated
    June 25, 2021 | Articles

    Herniated disc is one of the most common back injuries in America. In this article, you'll learn the signs, symptoms, and treatment for a herniated disc.

  • The spine is made up of vertebrae stacked vertically and separated by intervertebral discs. Learn the parts of the spine and what they do as well as common conditions affecting the parts of the spine.