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Conditions / Degenerative Disc Disease


  • EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD ALEXIS BRINKMEYER underwent lumbar artificial disc replacement surgery to fix her degenerative disc disease.

  • Technically, degenerative disc disease isn’t a single discrete illness — it’s a term which describes symptoms arising from the natural degeneration of spinal discs with age. Wondering whether degenerative disc disease could be responsible for your back pain, loss of flexibility, or other spinal issues? Look no further.

  • Using the strength-building exercises within Pilates, you can help alleviate pain and suffering caused by degenerative disc disease.

  • If you have had spinal fusion surgery, you may need more surgery within 15 years due to adjacent disc disease. Artificial disc replacement has proven effective in delaying or preventing ASD.

  • When you have degenerative disc disease there are certain foods you'll want to avoid—those which cause inflammation and irritation. We listed eight types. Do you know them all?