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Conditions / Neck Pain


  • 4 Ways to Eliminate Painful Gamer's Neck
    November 10, 2020 | Articles

    Gamer's neck, also known as tech neck, results in neck strain from long hours of mobile electronics, video games, and computer use. The pain is usually felt in the cervical spine and can be painful.

  • Neck and back pain are common in most people. Whether it's sitting at a computer, working in your yard, or lifting, you may experience neck or back pain. These chiropractor tips can help you get neck and back pain relief.

  • Lean about the causes and symptoms of upper back and neck pain and how you can treat it.

  • What is Tech Neck and How to Prevent It
    June 7, 2019 | Articles

    Tech neck, or text neck, is a rapidly growing spine condition caused by excessive cell phone and personal technology use. Tech neck can cause neck pain and long-term damage to the neck and spine. Here's what we know about tech neck and how you can prevent it.

  • Cervical epidural injections are used to treat pinched nerves, herniation and cervical spondylosis. Here's what you can expect after receiving the injection.