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Jill Reece, RN

Nutritional Therapy and Certified GAPS Practitioner

True Found Wellness

Jill Reece is the founder of True Found Wellness, serving as a Registered Nurse, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, GAPS Practitioner, Myofascial Release Therapist, Morphogenic Field Tester, and Wellness Strategist.  She has a son, two beautiful grandchildren and an adorable Schnoodle.   
Her medical career began in 1986 and she was very successful as a Registered Nurse, serving some of that time in Cardiac Intensive Care and in various Administrative roles including as Assistant Director of Nursing at a large long-term care nursing facility and being the Care Management Manager over a large hospital until her “incurable” disability in 1998.  It is now, in her self-driven recovered wellness, even more her passion to help others in their health journey because she now identifies WHY symptoms are present to begin with. Her personal story is full of hope and lived from a perspective of overcoming insurmountable odds. This experience both professionally, educationally and personally is poured into the success of her clients through Recommendations and Encouragement.
The premise under which she helps her clients is not to chase symptoms, but to use those symptoms as markers to point to the root issues which are out of balance in the Six Foundations of our health.  Through her own recovery, she found the invaluable role of botanicals and how they interact so intricately as the body fully recognizes their place and role in systemic functioning at an optimal level.  She works to see people THRIVE and enjoy life and begins by giving them that all important HOPE so many need!!  That makes her tick and she enjoys networking with doctors and other therapists whose strengths complement her own to bring a well-rounded picture of true wellness to the market place.  Her key to success is that she is not to be measured by her accomplishments alone, but by the size of her heart to love and serve others. 

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