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Artificial Disc Replacement

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Hello everyone. Ive been struggling with chronic back pain for a while and I am interested in finding out more about artificial replacement discs. I am just starting my research into this. My goals are:
1. identify the current artificial discs available in the USA
2. More info/statistics as to their benefits vs risks
3. Hopefully find people who have had this procedure and learn more about their experiences.
4. Go back to a doctor who specializes in this get his opinion after I know enough to have a meaningful discussion there

Any (constructive) input is appreciated. Thank You!


Just an update: I haven't been able to sit upright, drive or travel since rupturing my L5/S1 disc on 10/11/2018. After 20+ epidurals, RFA, PRP, and even intra-discal mesenchymal stem cell treatment, I was *finally* referred to a surgeon. I have now been "officially" diagnosed with discogenic pain, no radiculopathy. I knew this from the beginning, as I myself am a physician but perhaps because my condition is so rare (and I'm female) it just took the doctors 4 years to arrive at the same diagnosis. I have been referred for a specialized disc nerve ablation procedure. My fingers are crossed. I am not religious but I do pray it will help. My life is but a shadow of what it was before the disc ruptured that day but it has been one hell of an opportunity to practise mental health work and spirituality. If that procedure does not help me be able to sit again, then I will **FINALLY** be able to get a lumbar disc replacement. I started saving up the $ for it 3 years ago, and I'm halfway there now (I am fortunate enough to still be able to run a successful medical practise, just from a recliner and a lapdesk now). Please keep me in your thoughts/prayers/etc. and I will do the same for all of you! I know this group is not very active but I just wanted to put this out there.
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