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Chronic Pain Management Support Group

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Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with “spondylolisthesis” and being referred to a pain management doctor with recommendation for radio frequency ablation (RFA) of L4/L5.

Has anyone in the group had RFA and want to share their experience and success rate? Any information on doing RFA vs. Cortisone Injections would also be helpful.

Thank you to everyone for your support!


Hi everyone. I am new to the group. I suffer from thoracic radiculopathy coming from bone spurs and arthritis from the T-8 region of my spine. My symptoms first started in June of 2018. I always have a level of discomfort that is managable with heat, rest and meds. I get injections every 4 months on average. What I am struggling to live with are the times that i experience what I refer to as a flare up. I will start to experience acute pain at a level 8 or 9 that is a "band-like"pain that circles around my back and chest right under my breast area. I would give it a 10 except that I have had 3 kidney stones, so I reserve that number as the worst pain I've ever experienced. Quite frankly, it is dibilitating. I'm currently having my 4th round with this, which started on 12/6/21. I'm reaching out to anyone that shares my condition that can offer advice, knowledge and support. I am truly at a point where something else has to be available to help me. Thank you for allowing me to join the group.
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