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Chronic Pain Management Support Group

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First, thank you SpineNation! I’m thankful I found you!

Hi! I’m new here and hoping to connect with others experiencing chronic pain. I feel very isolated due to limitations I currently live with. I also feel depressed. Is this something you feel too?

A little about me, I had a TLIF last April and am now fused from L4 through S1. A year later, I’ve been diagnosed now with post laminectomy syndrome and CRPS Type 2. I can walk which had become difficult prior to surgery, but I’m still in pain and have new pains.

Regarding the fusion, L4-L5 fused and L5-S1 is about 85% fused according to my doctor. The fusion is due to Tymlos which has been a Godsend. The daily injections are a challenge but I know I have to do it for my bone health.

Also, during surgery, they discovered I have osteoporosis so I have asymmetrical bracing with only five pedicle screws instead of six. I’m thankful for what hardware I have but wonder if this might be part of my pain.

Part of what’s so difficult is that I can’t sleep on either side because of severe pain. Therefore, I’m stuck sleeping on my back. I’ve tried pillows but to no avail.
My surgeon recommends a spinal cord stimulator trial which I’m open to. I’m hoping it will work so I can get off my pains meds. or at least reduce them.

Other pain I have is nerve pain. I have numbness in my feet, and my thighs feel like they are burning at random times. I also have back pain at the surgery site and above it as well. I also experience pain when sitting and when standing so I’m up and down a lot.

My quality of life has vastly changed as I lost my job as well. I have a great support system and medical team including a mental health counselor but at the end of the day, none of this takes away the pain which significantly impacts every day. And it takes so much strength to accomplish much due to not only the pain but the medication side effects. It’s a lot. And my life is so up and down. One moment I’m okay, and the next, I’m in severe pain.

I appreciate any thoughts you might have.

All the very best,

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I’ve read about 100 comments, mostly about failed procedures. Has anyone had success after a spinal fusion? No more pain?