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Herniated Discs and Discectomies

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34/f/USA and 1 week post op from L4/L5 micro discectomy. The leg pin was luckily an immediate relief and the first few days was mostly stiff, sore and mild pains in comparison to before surgery.
yesterday I pushed myself a little too far activity wise and today I had a sudden pins&needles in my toes, elevated pain in my low back and lightly down my hamstring, which based a full blown PTSD panic attack!
I am so afraid to go back to the amount of debilitating and chronic pain that I was in for 3 months prior to the surgery last week. I find I am having frequent panic attacks anytime I think I may have even slightly bent, twisted or lifted something, if I was twisting in my sleep positions or when wiping after #2 (tmi sorry).
reading a few posts before sharing my own I know that it’s a long bumpy and windy road of recovery with various symptoms and severities and hope this group will keep me grounded while I continue to heal physically and emotionally.
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Hi All!

I’m new to the group! 37/f w/ lumbar microdiscectomy to L5/S1 done on May 6th, 2022. History of back issues, but nothing that ever required surgery (I did PT 15 years ago). I’m a runner, too (obviously, not currently).

I had sudden onset pain/numbness with foot drop that began 4/10/22- MRI showed large disc bulge and with foot drop, they had me in surgery less than a month later.

I definitely was not prepared for the recovery and only took 2 weeks off work (I work from home), but am now on my 3rd week off with lingering numbness and pain. I know this is fairly normal.

My question for you all: We’re you prepared for the amount of recovery/time off from work before surgery? I’m obviously frustrated with my slow recovery, but I feel like I wasn’t able to manage expectations with my employer beforehand. I’m curious- what was your suggested leave time from work? They kind of let you determine that on your own here with minimum of 2 weeks off suggested.