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Herniated Discs and Discectomies

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Hello! I'm a fit and active 51 year old woman. In 2018, at 47 years old while sitting in a chair, my L5S1 spontaneously ruptured (not just herniated but "extrusion"ed with gel leaking into the sacrum). I have been unable to sit upright in a chair ever since. I've learned to adapt, such as using a medical chair (zero gravity position) so that I can still enjoy restaurants, church, sit in waiting rooms, you name it. I've also converted my car seat into a zero gravity recliner but I must drive with my left knee up to my chest to avoid the bone-on-bone torture. Miraculously I don't have any nerve impingement, somehow.
Looong story short, I was diagnosed with a hypermobility connective tissue disorder which explains the spontaneous rupture while seated. In the early days of the injury I didn't know that other back painers get nerve symptoms so I was misdiagnosed as having radiculopathy and of course did not respond to RFA. I also tried PRP and eventually stem cell but none of these methods have allowed me to sit in a chair. I am feeling optimistic though because my pain doc has recommeded "basovertebral ablation" aka the Intracept procedure which I do feel will finally target the source of my pain. They said if that doesn't work then they would consider me for a disc replacement, recommended the TX Back institute. I'm already saving the money, and I have a long way to go to research this! Even if the ablation works I still want to get the disc replacement becasue the ablation will block the pain but I'll probably damage th area more since I won't feel the pain. Anyway, I just wanted to post that I'm finally feeling some hope here! :-) I am not on this forum nearly as often as I should be but my therapist (who I see do deal with my new normal) keeps reminding me to participate more, and she's right.

So, Hello fellow back pain folks! It really is good to know that i'm not the only one (all my friends regardless of weight or age have better backs that I do, but I know, we all have our own cross to bear)
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34/f/USA and 1 week post op from L4/L5 micro discectomy. The leg pin was luckily an immediate relief and the first few days was mostly stiff, sore and mild pains in comparison to before surgery.
yesterday I pushed myself a little too far activity wise and today I had a sudden pins&needles in my toes, elevated pain in my low back and lightly down my hamstring, which based a full blown PTSD panic attack!
I am so afraid to go back to the amount of debilitating and chronic pain that I was in for 3 months prior to the surgery last week. I find I am having frequent panic attacks anytime I think I may have even slightly bent, twisted or lifted something, if I was twisting in my sleep positions or when wiping after #2 (tmi sorry).
reading a few posts before sharing my own I know that it’s a long bumpy and windy road of recovery with various symptoms and severities and hope this group will keep me grounded while I continue to heal physically and emotionally.
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