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Herniated Discs and Discectomies

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I'm new to the group. Thanks for adding me. I am 6 weeks post laminectomy and discectomy. I still have lots of leg pain that is pretty much the same as I had before. I know the reasons why this is, continued inflammation, nerve mobilisation intra op, swelling etc. Just frustrated and sad I wasn't one of the lucky ones who woke up pain free.
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This is my third round of herniated disc pain with sciatica. The past two times it felt better within 2 weeks. Not this time
I have been lying on my back for 5 weeks. I haven't been to work, I am out of PTO. I have to get back. If I lose my job I will lose everything. I work for a small company that does not provide Healthcare. I have been doing stretches and taking motrin. I took all of the steroids and muscle relaxers the ER gave me a month ago. I don't know what to do. I don't have any more time to give. I am at my wit's end. My mental health is really bad. I promised I would be at work tomorrow but I can't move today. The pain is overwhelming. I can't do this anymore
I. Just. Can't.