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Im looking for answers support. I had lumbar back surgery last april. I had l4 l5 s1 fusion 2 disc replaced and a vertabra repaired. I tried to come off of pain medication and im in so much pain i cant even function. Since my surgery i cant do much of anything. I keep getting told im 32 i shouldnt be in this much pain. Im not sure what to do. Im so angry i feel like my doctor did something wrong. He just said i need ahots now in my si joint. I was never told or warned about anything. I feel he has stolen what little life i had. I googled support groups this is what came up. Any help please anything would be appreciated i dont know what to do from here. I feel like he took my life and left me with having to depend on these pain meds to be ok. Im not ok with that. I dont want pain meds period. But the pain is so bad theres no way with out them. If anyone has ever been in my situation please what did you do. Thank you


This is a shot in the dark. I want to meet others who have the same pain as me, as I don't believe I am the only one in the world with this....the problem is in 22 years with the pain in my upper back and left neck/spine, no one has met anyone "like" me, and no one has been able to figure it out exactly. I wonder if the problem has to do with my autism. Any suggestions?