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June 3, 2021, I had a surgery to change the batteries in my pain pump. This led to a regeneration of a deeply dormant staph infection that, in less than a day, turned severely septic. 8 days of three different IV antibiotics to try to control the significance infection. June 13, 2021, pain pump was explanted because it had become abscessed in its pocket. F/U MRI showed advanced degenerative joint disease in the L-S juncture, where the leads were still implanted. June 15, 2021, (some of the) leads were removed, all previous fusion hardware (five surgeries' worth!) explanted, and the July 2020 fusion was extended 3 levels. 2 months of PICC line IV antibiotics at home, followed by 3+ months of 1Gm doxycycline per day. MRI last week shows osteomyelitis is STILL in spine, from T7-T9! NOT cleared up by all these abx! I have systemic Candida from all the abx but Infectious Disease dr just ordered more Doxycycline, in spite of it NOT working. I am unhappy, and very ill; what do I do now? 2nd opinion? Please help me
Not meant to scare anyone, but maybe take a step back if you haven't been able to find the cause of your current back pain and look at other things that could be causing it.