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Mental Health & Chronic Pain

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Me, 3! :-)

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Hello everyone,

I'm just getting started here. Trying to connect with others who are having adjustment issues after multiple spinal surgeries. I'm still stuck grieving the life I used to live compared to what I am able to do now. I don't want to feel sorry for myself and I have had a really hard time finding connections with people who can relate. It just feels like everything I thought about my future was whisked away over a four year period. It's been two years since my last surgery and I have gone from wheelchair to walker to cane, so I am grateful for that, but even acknowledging how far I've come, my life is changed and I need to figure out how to navigate my happiness going forward. Dealing with some form of pain on a daily basis and how surgical trauma mixed with disability affects my mental state are the reasons I wanted to start a dialogue here.

I want to hear how others have dealt with these things while trying to work and have quality of life.