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Sciatica and Piriformis Support

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Anyone on here that’s in their 20’s. Im a 22 year old female and I have been struggling with chronic pain and just would love to feel less alone in this. :)
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Hi, I am new the group. I have bilateral sciatica pain more pronounced on my right side. The pain is through my knee and into my ankle and foot. Awful! My MRI did not show a spinal cord compression, however L5 on S1 is out of alignment more than 50 percent. The orthopedic doctor tells me I do not need surgery, but offered no solution for the pain other than PT.
I saw a neurosurgeon who emphatically stated my lower leg pain was from my L5 SI. He discussed the possibility of surgery down the road (a spinal fusion), but has me trying more conservative interventions first, namely an epidural which failed, and physical therapy. I've only been to two PT sessions and felt worse afterwards. I'll continue to work with my therapist for a while.
Has anyone had a spinal fusion for this sciatica condition? I'm hearing horror stories and really scared to even consider surgery, but I can't go on with this pain and the restrictions it causes in my life.
Thanks for your input.

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