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Scoliosis Support

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We have one more great partnership to announce! @Monroe_Yoga  has teamed up with us to help empower and educate individuals living with Scoliosis in our Scoliosis Support group as well! For a limited time, SpineNation is giving every member that joins the Scoliosis Group a copy or Marcia Monroe's book, "Yoga and Scoliosis: A Journey to Health and Healing." The book is a source of encouragement, knowledge, and healing for those who have Scoliosis and would like to address it without surgery.

Marcia was recently interviewed by Dr. Mayura Kudva (PT) for Scoliosis Awareness Day. You can watch the interview here:

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We have another exciting collaboration to announce! Carlyn Porter @TheCurvyTruth  has joined our Scoliosis Support Group admin team to help us provide support and empowerment to our community members living with Scoliosis.

Carlyn is a wellness blogger who writes about Scoliosis and nutrition on As a scoliosis patient with a spinal fusion, she is passionate about sharing what she's learned about the condition from her 20+ year journey.

Carlyn enjoys motivating and encouraging people with Scoliosis to grow in a loving relationship with their body's unique needs. Her passion for wellness and desire to continually learn led her to complete a certification in Functional Nutrition through MindBodyGreen. In her professional career, she is a User Experience Designer, holding a Master’s Degree in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University in Chicago and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

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