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Spinal Cord Stimulator For Pain Management

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Hi everyone. My name is Sil. I have been struggling with back and leg pain for over three years now. I have a diagnosis of lumber radiculopathy. My MRIs show mild to severe bulging discs at L3,L4,L5 and mild bulging at S1. Also spinal stenosis at L3/L4.
My pain is in my lower back and in both legs down to my toes. I have numbness on the sole of my feet. The pain actually started in my legs before my lower back. I have gone through all kinds of conservative treatment; medications, physical therapy,epidural injections, spinal decompression, laser therapy, chiropractic, PRP and none has been effective. PRP made it worse.I have consulted with four neurosurgeons. Two said they did'nt think surgery would help. Two said recommended surgery saying it is the only option left. This divergent neurosurgeon opinions leaves me confused and frustrated. Am currently seeing a pain management physician who has put me on four different pain medications (after two epidural injections that did not help) that hardly control the pain especially when I am stressed. I have been a very active person all my life, so the sudden loss of independence leaves me very frustrated and stressed most times so my pain has been almost continuous the past 8 months. The pain has taken so much physical and emotional toll on me that am also on depression medications.When I wake up in the morning I am exhausted and struggling to breath normally. I have not been to work and have not been driving the past 8 months. In short, pain has ruined my life. Currently am thinking about spinal cord stimulator since am not sure if surgery will help. But I don't feel comfortable about implanting something in my body. Those who have the implant, how does it feel?
Or are there any more options left? Any tips on coping with this debilitating pain?
Sorry for the long piece.
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Hi, I am new here and Wondering about this stimulator versus surgery. I'm leery about surgery but have been through all the alternatives and would like to hear how people like the stimulator. Tx!
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