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Spinal Fusion Surgery Support

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Hi, I am new to this group. After years of lower back pain and sciatic pain, followed by years of spinal injections, I finally decided to have surgery. I had a laminectomy of L1:L2, L2:L3, L3:L4 and L4:L5 and a fusion of L4:L5. I am now recoverying from my surgery and things appear to be going okay. I am wearing a back brace and have been told to continue with the brace for another 9 weeks. Interested in how I should expect to feel after 3 months.
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Hi. I am new to the group. I have had low back, hip, and pain going down to the right foot for a couple of years. I have recently had a fusion at L5-S1 with an easy recovery but did not solve the bigger problem. After seeing multiple doctors, there is alignment that I need a L5-T10 thoracolumbar fusion operation due to lumbar disk compression and spondylolistheses with scoliosis apex at L1 that goes through T10. Looking for insight from people that have had a thoracolumbar spinal fusion and impact on daily living and possibly golf or tennis.
Thank you.
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