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Spinal Fusion Surgery Support

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Thank you for the great feed back advice about listening to my body. My body is tired. The nerves in my right leg have yet to come back. I am scheduled to go back to work on Feb 8th. When I kneel down I can barely get up. Managing the stress my body went through physically is wearing on my mentally. I appreciate this group for a place I can unload my thoughts. I struggle with the tiredness my body feels after moving around and making my meals. I cannot get cleared too drive until the nerves in my right leg come back. My body is so tired. I had a tear in my spine which got patched up. I had extra bone growth on my spine that had to be cleared up. I had blood clots reach my lungs in the hospital. I lived through all of this. Why is recovery so hard?


I had cervical spinal surgery on neck in November. Post surgery I had three long scratches on top of my head. NP told me it was from anesthesia monitoring. Can ANYONE confirm this happened to them?