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10 Great Holiday Gifts for the Neck and Back Pain Spoonie

Published December 10, 2020

10 Great Holiday Gifts for the Neck / Back Pain Spoonie or Spine Warrior in Your Life

Living with chronic pain is never easy, but living with chronic pain in 2020 has hit a new level of difficulty. With the added stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, a very tense political campaign season, stressors like job-loss, unavailability of prescription medications, and so much more, Spoonies could use some extra love now, maybe more than ever.

So, what holiday gifts will mean the most to the Spoonie(s) in your life? Making them feel seen, showing compassion, and offering some self-care they may otherwise not afford are all great directions in which to shop! Here are 10 gifts that we at SpineNation use or would love to receive. The best part is that you don't have to leave home to shop for them!

Just about anything from Unstigma on Etsy

Sometimes a person with chronic pain just needs to know that they are seen and understood by their loved ones. Unstigmaon Etsy has a fantastic selection of holiday gifts that deliver the message, "I see you, and I care," to the recipient. We especially love the elegant and minimalist Spoonie ornament and the "Cup of Spoons" mug.

A Holiday HopeBox

HopeBox is a subscription box service on Createjoy that aims to "Care for your Body, Heart, & Soul." The boxes are already curated to be unique and comforting, as well as charming and aesthetically warm. When you buy a box for someone else, you can add your own note of love and encouragement to personalize the gift. And with the code WINTER10, you will receive a discount at checkout!



Extreme temperatures, especially cold, can cause a flare in aches and pains for folx living with chronic pain. With all of the medically-related items chronic pain patients have to buy themselves, they often don't have money to splurge on luxury comfort items. These Nordic fleece onesies, for example! But trust us, giving the gift of comfort and warmth is especially appreciated by your Spoonie friends and family members. A Pajamagram makes it a little extra fun, too.gwm014641-hoodiefootie-grayfairislefleece-matchingforhimher_main_20190117_12092.jpg

Sheabrand CBD Salve

This isn't the first time we have included this brand on our holiday gift guide, and it won't be the last. The CBD Natural Pain Cream has an organic shea butter base. It moisturizes your skin while penetrating your skin and muscles with cannabinoid (CBD) oil, providing cool, soothing relief from muscle aches, soreness, and chronic back and joint pain. The site also sells CBD tinctures and edibles, among other products. Any of these gifts would be a thoughtful present for your loved one living with chronic pain this holiday season.

Hypervolt by Hyperice: Percussion Massager

A handheld percussion massager is a perfect gift for the chronic pain patient who works out and is continually pursuing physical rehabilitation milestones. Many handheld percussion massagers are hitting the market these days. It might feel overwhelming trying to decide which one is best.

SpineNation CEO Jay Resio has been using a few products by Hyperice and recommends their products. Several holiday deals are happening at as well. There are three models of Hypervolt with various features available. 
Hyperice lists the following benefits of using a percussion massager, and we have found them all to be true:       

  • Accelerates (muscle) warmup and recovery
  • Improves range of motion and flexibility
  • Reduces muscle soreness and stiffness
  • Enhances muscle performance


Deluxe heating pad

This moist and dry heating pad on Amazon makes a great, inexpensive gift. The large size makes it great for use on one's back, with a large amount of surface area covered. Moist heat can penetrate muscles faster than dry heat. However, this item can be used either way, depending on user preference. A person living with chronic back pain can't ever have too many luxurious heating pads. Especially if they are dealing with pain in more than one area of the body.


The OSKA Pulse

SpineNation's relationship with OSKA Pulse dates back to 2017, and again, we can't say enough good things about it. If you Google "top gifts for spoonies," you will likely see OSKA Pulse on nearly every list. Oska Pulse mimics the body's own recovery processes to relieve pain, muscle stiffness, & inflammation. The device uses optimized pulsed electromagnetic field technology (PEMF) to encourage recovery at a cellular level. 
The user simply charges the device, places the device on the area of their back or body that is hurting, and leaves it on for 90 minutes. The user doesn't feel anything (unlike TENS units) while the OSKA Pulse works its magic. 


Spafinder Wellness gift card 

Therapeutic massage is highly beneficial to chronic back pain sufferers. It's not always easy to afford a massage, though, if you're living on a tight budget or are medically disabled. Spafinder is excellent because the gift card recipient can find spas and practitioners in their area to book a massage close to home. The recipient may also spend their gift card on luxury spa products that may help reduce their pain. Either way, you are gifting comfort and care this holiday season.

Gifts for their support animal

About a quarter of all chronic pain patients live with diagnoses of depression and anxiety as well. A large percentage of patients with multiple diagnoses find that having an emotional support animal (most commonly dogs or cats) helps to survive the worst pain flares. These pets can also decrease the intensity of anxiety and depression symptoms and are great at caretaking and loving on their humans when they are needed most. 
Suppose you love a person living with chronic pain who also has a service or emotional support animal. In that case, you may be surprised at how much they appreciate you spoiling their furry friend for the holidays. Check out BarkBox gift subscription options or MeowBox
. With themed boxes of toys and treats each month, the human and pet will both find joy inside. 



192 Pages of Wellness by Papier

Mindset and mindfulness can play a huge role in managing the feeling of overwhelm when living with chronic pain and illness. This journal is 192 pages (or twelve weeks) worth of space for some serious self-care. The user starts and ends each day with a mindset exercise. They can also track healthy habits, like anti-inflammatory meals, water intake, and sleep -- all things that contribute to a reduction in pain flares. The journal includes a mood tracker and space for jotting down random thoughts and feelings for the day as well. Give them the gift of self-care!


In Closing

We hope that you have found our gift guide helpful. We know it can be hard to know what to get for a loved one living with chronic pain and illness that you may not totally understand. But the fact that you are trying at all will mean more to them than you'll ever know. Merry everything and happy always, from your friends at SpineNation!

Updated: December 15, 2020

Information provided within this article is for educational purposes and is not a substitute for medical advice. Those seeking specific medical advice should consult his or her doctor or surgeon. If you need to consult with a specialist, you may be able find a health care provider in our Specialist Finder. SpineNation does not endorse treatments, procedures, products or physicians.