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SpineNation Editorial Policy and Guidelines

SpineNation is a back and spine health information website committed to informing, educating, and inspiring healthier living for people with chronic back pain and spine conditions.

We offer a hub of relevant content that's medically backed and approved by qualified doctors, surgeons, therapists, and health practitioners. To this end, SpineNation can offer content sourced and reviewed by health care experts. The information within the content should serve as health information and not medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The reader's health practitioner should remain the qualified source of all information and advice regarding individual diagnoses and treatment.

Editorial Standard

Unlike other health blogs, SpineNation's editorial is held to the standard provided by the Association of Health Care Journalists, an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing public understanding of health care issues. Our writers use its sound, ethical reporting practices and standards as they collaborate with expert medical sources to ensure that each is reliable and credible. Our editorial content is also free from advertiser or affiliate influence and any sponsored content is clearly distinguishable.

The content selected to be featured on SpineNation is a collaborative effort between our editorial staff and health care advisory board, who's mission is to provide comprehensive subject matter, content and trends for back pain, spine and general health and wellness.

Editorial Board

SpineNation’s Editorial Board is comprised of spine surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists, exercise specialists, and other health-related subject-matter experts. The Editorial Board reviews all content prior to approving it for the general audience.

Editorial Content

Our platform is open to health writers and medical professionals with a demonstrated ability to write helpful, informative, and engaging content that benefits our readership. All content is reviewed by for clarity and accuracy by a member of our Editorial Board before it is posted on our website.

Submissions received should provide up-to-date information that is clear and concise, medically sound, well-sourced, and objective. Articles we look for include, but are not limited to, the following categories:

  • Conditions & Diagnosis
  • Pain & Pain Management
  • Treatment
  • Health Care & Insurance
  • Technology
  • Wellness

Submission Guidelines

For writers and experts who would like to contribute, you may contact our web content editor. Content is reviewed within 10-15 business days, and if accepted, you will be notified. Since we are an online health website, there is no monthly deadline for articles. If you have an article or story that is timely, please let us know within your query email. Once accepted, your article will appear on our website within 60 days and you will be notified of its publishing. We encourage our writers and experts to share their published articles on their various social media platforms.

Advertising, Sponsors, and Funding

SpineNation selects advertising and sponsorship partners that align with our mission of providing the best consumer health information for people with living with chronic back pain and spine conditions.

Advertisers are prohibited from placing any advertising or sponsored content that:

  • Is false, misleading, or deceptive or that directs users to websites unrelated to the spirit of the content.
  • Promotes unlawful products, practices, or services
  • Promotes gambling
  • Offers the sale of weapons or firearms
  • Promotes pornography
  • Promotes supplements and pharmaceutical products considered addictive or habit-forming.

Ads featured on SpineNation's website bear the labeling "Advertisement" or "Sponsored Content" to distinguish them from our general website content. Advertising content is provided by and managed by the advertiser and SpineNation assumes no position on the products or services offered.

Advertisers designate where the user lands upon clicking on the advertisement. SpineNation has no authority over the policies and guidelines of advertiser websites. Should you choose to click on an advertisement or links within sponsored content that redirect you to an advertiser website or offering, educate yourself on the advertiser's terms of use and privacy policy prior to engaging with the website or submitting personal information.

These guidelines serve to help you understand how SpineNation views advertising and sponsored content and how we distinguish it from our editorial content.
We've established guidelines on how we label advertising so that you'll know what is an advertisement and what is editorial content. We use clear disclaimers to distinguish advertising from editorial content.

SpineNation is funded privately from founder capital and revenue generated from digital services provided to various service providers and healthcare companies.

Content Disclaimer

Content on this site is for educational purposes only. While SpineNation’s content provides medical information as it pertains to symptoms, situations, and potential treatment options, our content is not and should not be viewed as or used in place of medical advice. Visitors should consult with their physician when seeking diagnosis and treatment.

Updated: January, 07, 2021