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Tag / Artificial Disc Replacement

  • Dr. Francis Gamache Jr., MD, of the Hospital for Special Surgery conducted a 14-month study involving 240 patients with neck and back conditions seeking a second opinion on a spine problem that may require surgery. Of that number, “155 (65 percent) came for a second, third, or fourth surgical opinion following an earlier opinion from a surgeon who recommended an operation.” If you’re unclear as to what constitutes a second opinion, learn what they are and how to as for them in order to make an informed health decision before spine surgery.

  • SpineNation spoke with several spine surgeons who perform lumbar artificial disc replacement, along with a physical therapist, to answer common questions about the procedure.

  • Artificial disc replacement is an alternative to spinal fusion for treating disc-related low back pain. It's safe, but there are things you should consider.

  • Here is an overview of which major health insurance carriers do and don’t cover lumbar artificial disc replacement surgery.

  • Should you get artificial disc replacement surgery for your lower back? Learn the difference between ADR and spinal fusion to decide which surgery is best.