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  • Back Pain Books Worth Reading
    June 3, 2021 | Articles

    There is an overwhelming amount of information available regarding back and neck pain and spine conditions. So much so that it can be challenging to know where to begin or what sources to trust. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the six books worth reading for those living with back pain. Whether you are newly diagnosed or staying educated and informed about effective treatments and tools for your condition, we believe this reading list can help.

  • Non-force chiropractic care uses a handheld tool called the “Activator V” to generate a force wave that deeply penetrates the spine without causing pain.

  • Is CBD Good for Back Pain?
    April 9, 2021 | Articles

    Can the use of CBD oil and CBD products help with chronic back pain? Is CBD legal to use? We answer these questions in this article.

  • Spinal Fusion Surgery Chronicles
    March 16, 2021 | Articles

    Thoracolumbar spinal fusion surgery isn't common. It's also not common to see a centralized rupture of the spinal disc at the junction of the thoracic and lumbar spine areas. SpineNation ( staff member Kelly "Nerdzilla" Mendenhall recently shared her journey through a thoracolumbar spinal fusion with honesty and transparency in a 3-part blog series.

  • Expert Safety Tips for Hiking with Back Pain
    November 27, 2020 | Articles

    Hiking is great exercise for people with back pain. Board-certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Dr. Theresa Marko shares how hikers with back pain can have fun in nature without aggravating their back.