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  • Whiplash is the most frequently reported car insurance claims injury with payouts of $8.8 billion. Here's how to recover from this painful condition.

  • If you have back pain, sitting for extended periods of time or even standing can be draining. Do you notice if you sit at your desk all day, your back pain gets worse? BackerNation spoke with attorney and 'Wear, Tear, & Care' Blogger, Jennifer Kain Kilgore to get her 411 on how she transitioned from the corporate world into her home office.

  • Introducing Jennifer Kain Kilgore, the inspiring health and wellness blogger behind one of the best reads in the chronic pain arena —Wear, Tear, & Care — a blog about chronic pain and related health conditions that illustrate Jennifer's 'whacky adventures in the health care system.' This is her story.