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  • I Hurt My Back at Work. What Should I Do?
    November 24, 2020 | Articles

    If you hurt your back at work, learn what workers' compensation is, how it works, and when to file a claim or seek legal action with a lawyer if denied a claim.

  • Here are nine ways to pay for your back surgery if your health insurance company denies coverage and won't pay for it.

  • Your health insurance policy covers treatment of illnesses, injuries and health conditions. When it comes to surgery, your health insurance provider may or may not cover artificial disc replacement surgery or may place certain restrictions and requirements on the procedure that need to be met before they approve.

  • Across the state of Florida, operating owners of multiple rehabs are being investigated for possible fraudulent allegations. It's not just a headline though — this is real life for some — for most, these days. "It looked fine. They were saying all the right things to me. I could not help my child so I trusted them to help," Holley recalled...

  • More people than ever are aware of the opioid epidemic so why are opioid alternatives so hard to come by for pain management? The answer could possibly be that health-insurance companies are making it difficult for patients to get reimbursed who undergo alternatives without approval or completing denying them in general.