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  • It's Friday. You're feeling some pain because of your back or spine condition but you still want to go out. You found the perfect little black dress to wear this evening. As you walk into your closet to put the finishing touches on your attire, you ask yourself, "What shoes should I wear?" as you stare back at your options.

  • Calling all expectant mothers. With any baby bump comes other bodily changes. And, one of those changes could very well be back pain. How do you know if your back pain is a sign of preterm labor, a urinary tract infection, serious injury, or nothing at all? Here you will find seven tips to avoid back pain while pregnant.

  • A fellow Backer had breast implant surgery a few years ago and ever since she's had awful back pain. She wanted to find out if the two were connected and the suggested course of action...

  • Strength Trainer, Lyanne Hodson talks about the importance and benefits of a female-friendly trainer. "Women tell me things that they wouldn’t feel comfortable discussing with a male trainer, for example, how your cycle can impact your training. We also get a lot of inquiries from women wearing headscarves and burkas who don’t want to train with men."