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Technology / Devices


  • Can you imagine a day when you don't need to pop a pill to get pain relief? Well, that day may be closer than we think and we owe that to Quell —a new wearable technology that provides 100 percent drug-free, widespread relief from chronic pain.

  • True Back is a natural, drug-free, traction device created to relieve the body of daily stress, tension, and discomfort. It can reduce your back pain, improve your posture, increase your energy levels, range of motion and flexibility. A Google user says, "This device is not for the faint of heart at first, but over time your back pain will resolve. "

  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology or PEMF has been used as a treatment option for several decades. Considered a safe therapy, the National Institutes of Health have made PEMFs a priority for research. One such device is the OSKA Pulse that delivers optimized PEMF at a very low electrical output for safe, effective and 100 percent drug-free relief.

  • Have you guys heard about electrotherapy for chronic back pain relief? There's a device called the TENS unit, which is derived from the "gate control theory of pain." The theory asserts that non-painful input closes the "gates" to painful input, which prevents pain sensation from traveling to the central nervous system. Let's learn how this theory was born.

  • Oska Pulse mimics the body’s own recovery processes to relieve pain, muscle stiffness, & inflammation — using optimized pulsed electromagnetic field technology (PEMF) to encourage recovery at a cellular level. Oska has a 30-day refund policy. It can't hurt to try, it can only hurt not to. Use coupon code "backernation" & save $55 at check out,