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How Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology Helps Pain Sufferers

Published November 25, 2017
| Written By SpineNation Editorial Staff  
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The biggest benefit of PEMF technology is that it gives chronic pain patients complete control of treatment at home without chemical drug intervention.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology or PEMF has been used as a treatment therapy for several decades. Considered a safe therapy, the National Institutes of Health have made PEMFs a priority for research.

Since all energy is electromagnetic in nature, PEMFs engage the cells within your body—all 70 trillion cells—by communicating on an electromagnetic frequency to restore health from the inside out.

When you use a PEMF device, it works to relax muscles, reduce pain and inflammation, lowers stresses in the body, and improves energy, circulation, and blood and tissue oxygenation. PEMFs also aid in producing a higher quality of sleep in users, decreases blood pressure and cholesterol levels, aids in the uptake of nutrients, and cleanses cells for regeneration.

One such device is the OSKA Pulse. It delivers optimized PEMF at a very low electrical output for safe, effective and 100 percent drug-free relief.

James Burmeister, a user of the wearable pain relief device said, “The OSKA works, no more back pain, no more pain meds. Don't need to take ibuprofen or tramadol anymore. I tried braces, massage therapy, acupuncture, steroid shots, and chiro. Just temporary relief. The OSKA was working for me after just 2 weeks. I have now used the Oska for over 3 months. I am now able to go tuna fishing again without pain or fear.”

William Pawluk, MD, MSc, a board-certified family physician and holistic health practitioner said that PEMFs “address impaired chemistry and thus the function of cells – which in turn, improves health.”

“PEMFs deliver beneficial, health-enhancing EMFs and frequencies to the cells. Therapeutic PEMFs are specifically designed to positively support cellular energy, resulting in better cellular health and function,” he said.

Findings published in Journal of Pain Management, a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies in all areas of pain management, listed OSKA as “effective method in managing pain relief.” In a recent clinical study, 80 percent participants of participants experienced an improvement in pain reduction, 40 percent reported a perceived improvement in overall mobility, and 30 percent of the total participants remained pain-free or nearly pain-free for the duration of the four-week trial.

The biggest benefit of PEMF technology is that it gives patients complete control of treatment at home without chemical drug intervention.

Wearing pulsed electromagnetic field device while golfing.Photo Credit:

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Updated: February 12, 2020

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