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Treatment / Back Surgery


  • Should you get artificial disc replacement surgery for your lower back? Learn the difference between ADR and spinal fusion to decide which surgery is best.

  • Arizona neurosurgeon Dr. Richard V. Chua uses Mazor X robotic surgical assistant to assist with spine surgeries.

  • COVID-19 has forced many elective back and spine surgeries to be postponed to keep essential workers in hospitals available for coronavirus patients. We asked surgeons and health care professions for their best advice for patients caught in the holding pattern.

  • With the COVID-19 situation, even your back surgery may be classified as a non-essential procedure. Find out what you should do if your surgery is postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Informed consent is the process by which doctors disclose information to patients regarding surgical procedures to enable them to decide whether or not they wish to have a particular treatment or test done. This includes explaining the risks, benefits and other details of the procedure.