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Wellness / Exercise

  • Calling all expectant mothers. With any baby bump comes other bodily changes. And, one of those changes could very well be back pain. How do you know if your back pain is a sign of preterm labor, a urinary tract infection, serious injury, or nothing at all? Here you will find seven tips to avoid back pain while pregnant.

  • If you think you're not a runner, think again. Maybe you’ve been working at a desk for 10 years, maybe your muscles aren’t strong, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t run. Let's learn from Running Coach and Personal Trainer, Omar Mansour, how to make running fun again.

  • The faster you get moving after breast augmentation surgery, the faster you will recover. Early range of motion is key to minimizing pain. Here you will find exercises to do after having breast augmentation surgery.

  • This short yoga sequence is designed to do while you sit at your desk, working to help relieve stress and ease tension in the body, releasing congestion and allowing the energy to flow more freely. Try it out in front of your computer, smartphone or wherever you are!

  • Neck pain sucks. If you have it, you already know. What you may not be aware of are quick exercises you can do every day to relieve that sore neck.