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Wellness / Quality Of Life

  • What Level is Your Pain?
    October 9, 2017 | Videos

    Does your doctor not believe you when you tell them your pain is a 10? This video illustrates the disbelief we chronic pain patients sometimes get (with a humor twist)— even from the medical community.

  • Inspirational words delicately lay emotional pulse points in the hearts and minds of anyone in need of positivity when, sometimes, you just don't have the words. The perfect phase somehow allows you to know that you are not alone and never were. Read on for inspirational quotes.

  • Ellen Degeneres Back Injury
    September 7, 2017 | Videos

    Photo Credit: You know the Ellen Degeneres Show is known for its comical take on just about everything. Well, Degeneres is actually a fellow backer. Let's learn about her back injury through this entertaining clip.

  • It's hard living in constant physical pain. It's even harder when people simply don't understand. They most likely have the best intentions, but it's different when someone doesn't really know the depths of our days. Here we will examine five simple steps to help your family better understand your back pain.

  • Drop Dead Fred
    September 6, 2017 | Videos

    You guys know the classic movie Drop Dead Fred, right? Laugh along with Nathan Barnatt as he makes us laugh as he drops to the ground in pain because of his back condition. We've all been there.