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5 Best Christmas Gifts for Chronic Back Pain Sufferers

Published December 21, 2018
| Written By SpineNation Editorial Staff  

What are the best Christmas gifts for chronic back pain sufferers this holiday season? We asked the experts for the perfect gift ideas and products for you, your friends and family members who live with mild to chronic back pain. Here’s what they had to say.

Shea Brand’s CBD Natural Pain

Shea Brand’s CBD Natural Pain RelieverWith its organic shea butter base, Shea Brand’s CBD Natural Pain cream moisturizes your body while sending cannabinoid oil into your skin to provide cool, soothing pain relief from muscle aches, soreness, and chronic back and joint pain. Besides pain relieving CBD oil, the cream uses essential oils like black pepper, cinnamon, eucalyptus, ginger, peppermint, and wild oregano to provide antioxidant properties that benefit the whole body.

“It’s a powerfully effective formula with a raw, organic shea butter base (so, it’s super nourishing for the skin) and CBD 99% pure CBD isolate,” says Stephanie Sica of The Number 29 Communications. “I can personally attest to it helping back pain specifically. I had a slipped disc in my lumbosacral region a few years back. It flares up every now and again. Shea Brand’s CBD pain reliever is genuinely helpful.”

A thoughtful gift of Shea Brand’s CBD Natural Pain is sure to be the perfect stocking stuffer for your friend or loved one with back pain.

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Shoe Bubble

Shoe Bubble insertIf the back pain sufferer on your list is a serious or recreational athlete or someone who just wants to move around on their feet with comfort, Soul Insole adds the right amount of arch support to ward off over-pronation and relieve pressure from the heel and forefoot. When you have imbalanced pronation, your knees, hips, and back feel the effects of the redistributed weight which causes pain. This simple and easy to use shoe orthotic solves this problem in minutes and makes a perfect gift.

Soul Insole uses a micro-sized orthotic that's washable and re-uasble to provide support and comfort no matter which type of shoe you choose to wear. “They make a difference for those who suffer from back pain by improving alignment, starting from the ground up,” says Laina Gossman, a representative of the company.

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Fitback demonstration Created by Anthony DeVito, an avid snowboarder with a degenerative disc in his low back, the FitBack provides hassle-free heat therapy and posture corrective support for instant relief. FitBack is thin, lightweight, breathable and flexible, making it easy to wear unnoticed whether you’re in the car, home, office, gym, or on the go. It's a great gift idea for that outdoorsy person on your Christmas list.

“I am very active, and snowboarding is my favorite sport. My low back basically put a stop to my snowboarding, so last year I decided to do something about it. I wore a back brace every time I went snowboarding and I tested just about every back brace on the market. Finally, I came up with a few designs that supported my back, but still allowed me to move so I sent it to my manufacturer, and I had them incorporate the heating element,” DeVito says.

According to its successful Kickstarter campaign which more than doubled its goal by raising over $20,000, “FitBack heats to an impressive 135°F on the high setting and can provide six hours of heat therapy on a single charge. With an enlarged heating area that is designed for maximum heat transfer, your low back will be feeling young again in no time.”

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Teeter FitSpine

Teeter FitSpine in-use.Inversion tables have been around since ancient times and decompress the spine using gravity. Inversion therapy also stretches the spinal column and increases disc space which relieves lower back pain.

The Teeter FitSpine is the only inversion table on the market that is FDA-Registered as a 510(k) Medical Device and helps to improve minor back pain, herniated discs, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, muscle tension, spasms, and more.

“As a long-term back pain suffer, the result of an auto accident where my vehicle was struck by a semi-truck traveling on the Interstate, I’ve experimented with devices to relieve pain and discomfort. Specially, I’ve looked for solutions to alleviate sciatic pain and other disc related pain. My top recommendation is an inversion table. I’ve personally experienced about a 70% deduction in back pain and tension, over the past 10 months, from on-going inversion table use. I invert 3-4 times per week for about 3 minutes per session,” says Alex Membrillo, CEO of Cardinal Marketing.

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Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll

Original McKenzie Lumbar RollSince sitting and sleeping are two of the most common positions people find themselves in, it’s easy for pain to become isolated in the lower back. The Original McKenzie Lumbar Rolls and Supports correct posture whether sitting or sleeping to keep your spine and back healthy day and night. It's a thoughtful Christmas gift for the person your know who spends a lot of time in an office or car for work.

The device easily and securely attaches to chairs, cars, and around your waist making it a durable and comfortable solution for keeping your back in its natural state all day and all night.

“I recommend the Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll with strap to nearly every low back pain patient evaluated in my practice.” says Dr. Lisa N. Folden, licensed physical therapist, naturopathic lifestyle coach, and owner of Healthy Phit Physical Therapy & Wellness Consultants in Charlotte, NC.

“The lumbar roll provides the user with proprioceptive feedback for posture. By placing the roll in the ‘small’ of the back, it gives a gentle reminder of the neutral spinal posture required to avoid poor posture and subsequent pain. A large amount of back pain is due to and instigated by poor posture.”

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Which of these five Christmas gifts for back pain sufferers will you grab this holiday season? Whether it’s you, someone you love, or someone you know, one or more of these five products could help ensure a healthier, happier and pain-free season.

Updated: June 5, 2021

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